Unroll Me – Unblock the Slots Cheats and Walkthrough

Unroll Me – Unblock the Slots is the newest game by Turbo Chili LTD, LLC. These are the makers of other iPad and iPhone games but Unroll me is their first game available for all Android devices as well as all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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In this challenging puzzle game, you must move a white ball from one end of the board to another end using tiles with slots inside of them. The slots are of varying shapes and it is up to you to connect them. This game is timed but in a unique way. In Unroll Me, the white ball you are trying to get to the red GOAL moves. You are given a five second head start before the ball is released but once it is, there’s no stopping it! You’ll need to swipe your tiles into place as quickly as possible or your little ball will explode into a puff of white and the level will be over!

Unroll Me is split up into different difficulty levels: Beginner, Medium, Hard and Extreme. You can only unlock the different difficulties once you’ve gotten enough stars in the previous difficulties. Stars are awarded depending on how many moves it takes you to defeat a level, fewer moves means more stars!

Unroll Me is definitely a brain teaser game and they don’t make it easy! You might find level 1 and 2 a breeze but by 3, you’ll be feeling the stress!

Unroll Me – Unblock the slots is fun but it’ll also get your heart pumping. Between making your brain work hard and the ever-moving white ball, the adrenaline rush you get from playing will hook you!

With no boosters to purchase and no way to get extra time in the game, you might need a little help! That’s why we’ve created put together all the cheats and tips you need to get past every tricky level of Unroll Me!

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Unroll Me Walkthrough